Become a Gig Buddy

The Gig Buddies waiting list

Such has been the interest in our Gig Buddies project that we took the step of pausing our waiting list earlier this year. We really didn’t want to do this but we were stuck with more and more people wanting to join the scheme and the time it takes to find everyone a volunteer. We decided it was best to pause things for the time being and concentrate on making sure we find good matches for people, and that their Gig Buddy relationships are supported well.

We had intended to re-open the list in September but we have now decided for various reasons to keep the waiting list paused and make some more changes to the way we work. That doesn’t mean you can’t get involved at all of course.

Here’s what we’re doing:

  • We will be targeting the places where we have particular funding to make more matches
  • We will be running social meet-ups in various towns around Sussex, these will be open to anyone who wants to sign-up to be involved in Gig Buddies.
  • We’re going to review this approach again in a few months

We’re really sorry if you’ve been waiting a long time. The success of the Gig Buddies project, combined with the reduction in social care funding from the government, has meant that more and more people are wanting our support in getting them an active social life.

We have to try and be realistic about what we can achieve as a small charity but we’re still going to be ambitious and create other ways for people to get involved.

Here’s an easier to read summary of our new approach to our Gig Buddies waiting list too. Click here.

You would of course still be welcome to attend our social meet-ups which happen in various places across Sussex. If you’d like to know more please complete this short online form.