Event: New Years Eve Party with TotRockinBeats

Rating: Very Good




St Pauls, Worthing
TotRockinBeats Is Back To Blow The Roof Off The Mutha!!! TWO massive N.Y.E family-friendly house parties in one day. - Celebrating Midnight At 1 & 6 pm. We are making history with the biggest, baddest community rave Sussex has EVER SEEN!!!!   Just because you have kids, are over 65, or have a learning disability why shouldn’t you see the New Year in, in style? Working with our pals, Stay Up Late / Gigs Buddies, we are producing an event like no other!   Be a part of something very special. Get your sparkly dancing shoes on and join the TotRockinBeats crew for: A Marvellous Mash-up Of Soft-Play | Wannado Streetdancers | Lego | Bee-Fit | Fun & Games | Gelato | Hot Food | Interactive VR Visuals | Live Entertainment | Circus Skills | Singalongs | Toy Drive & Lots More!!   All Backed Up By SPECIAL GUEST DJs STICK IT ON | GET IT TOGETHER* & DJ FORMAT* !!!! A Fully Stocked Licenced Bar & No Need For A Babysitter Because You'll Be Back For Bedtime. Lunchtime: 11-1pm (Celebrate Midnight At 12 PM) Evening: 4-7pm (Celebrate Midnight At 6 PM)   THE LAST TWO YEARS N.Y.E. SHOWS SOLD OUT WEEKS IN ADVANCE - PLEASE DON'T MISS OUT!! find out more here    Click here to get tickets

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