Event: A Night of Brave New Light – live music

Rating: Very Good




Nambucca - London
A night of independent music promoted by MENCAP to raise awareness for STAY UP LATE Mencap's Our Radio in conjunction with Stay Up Late are proud to promote the up and coming indie band DOREY THE WISE (www.doreythewise.com) in a night of awareness and celebration for music minded people with Learning Disabilities who demand the right to go out and see their favourite bands and acts in proper venues at proper times and not be dragged home before the main fun starts. we say viva rock and roll and viva GIGBUDDIES(http://stayuplate.org/gig-buddies-project/)! Come and join us. Supporting Dorey and the Wise will be Lex and Malla- with DJ support from Islington Social Crew/Our Radio and Mencap's The Young Ambassadors

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