Review: Alice Russell

Rating: Very Good




The Concorde
CONCORDE 2  The Concorde is a really large club with a monstrous stage and great staff that work there. I found that the club had a great layout of where everything was and it had a good vibe. BEAT EXPRESS   This is the biggest gig that we have played at and it was even better when we were told that we would be supporting a famous artist called Alice Russell. We embarked on something that we thought would never happen to us as a band and it was our best yet.   THE GIG The whole night was awesome and loads of people came to this big night. There were loads of different artists that were among us including Pog and then Dan a gig buddy introduced the Nextmen and they were all fab.  Everyone from around Brighton & Hove came to the gig and there was such a large crowd, there was such a glow in people as the time moved on and the final artist was lurking just round the corner. Suddenly the music stopped and everybody stopped dancing and looked onto the stage, Harry Fairchild one of our gig buddies appeared to announce the final artist. It was Alice Russell and she was amazing, such a soulful voice and a brilliant performer she is and she lit up the whole stage leaving people mesmerised and leaving them a memorable performance that will never be forgotten.

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