Review: Beans On Toast With Mics

Rating: Very Good




Sticky Mike's Frog Bar

The gig was at Sticky Mike's Frog Bar for independent venue week, the venue was extraordinary.

When you go through the doors everything is in your face in a good way and there was a very spacious bar with a very comfy seating area. Downstairs there is a small/medium stage and a very long bar included. The night started off and there was some people at the venue but slowly through the night the bottom room started to get packed out.

I knew i would get lost trying to find the venue

so i was very glad when i was able to meet the lovely Yasna who works in the office to show me where it was on a very freezing cold evening. There was some curly worley stairs near the front doors as you pop in and there was only seating upstairs but they did say if you needed a chair they would be more then happy to get you one and the toilets were easy to find too.

There was a large bar with friendly staff and no id required

there is Brighton station up the hill and i wouldn't say the was public transport was close to the venue which was well hidden. The performance was already on the way and it was very choco blocked as the first band called Pog, a well known Brighton based band and i thought there performance was one of a kind. Pog was pretty good and i liked them, the lights were bright and the timing was pretty good all night. Next on was Baked Beans On Toast and they were very bean like even though it was my first time seeing them.

Geoko were quite folky, Baked Beans were pinky folk and Pog were pretty rocky.

I would say that it was that loud and very well heard and all the bands were amazing and there outfits were terrific! [video width="640" height="352"][/video]

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