Review: Independent Venue Week – Mr. Airplane Man

Rating: Very Good




The Hope & Ruin, Queens Road, Brighton
Last week was independent venue week, with hundreds of special events happening around the country. Polly from Acid Box Promotions kindly added me and my Gig Buddy Shane to the guest list to see Mr. Airplane Man at The Hope & Ruin.

We got there just as local band Dull Knife were finishing their set, which sounded pretty raucous. Next up were Sun Scream who'd been featured on Steve Lamacq's 6 Music show earlier in the week. They were a bit more psychedelic but also heavily percussive with the guitarist joining in with the drummer.

The headliners who have only recently reformed said they hadn't played in Brighton for around 18 years. After a quick sound check they launched into a set of classic garage rock with Margaret on guitar and Tara on drums coming over like an-all female White Stripes.

In-between bands we sat in the bar downstairs and admired the wall full of old electrical equipment and the retro video games. Next time I think we might go for the delicious vegan junk food! Friendly promoters and helpful bar staff - a great venue for Gig Buddies!

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