Review: Night out for Independent Venue Week

Rating: Very Good




Sticky Mike's Frog Bar
The event was a lot of fun! It was the first time for both my buddy David and myself visiting Sticky Mike's. The venue is very cool and everyone we spoke to working there was very helpful and friendly. The performance space downstairs is low and dark like being in a cave and it's possible to get right up next to the performers. The first act POG were high energy folk punk. The front man brought a lot of that energy, jumping and stomping around. The songs were about social issues, but the sound was upbeat. The second act was a goofy dude called Gecko who sang about phones and juice and tricked the crowd into committing to fund his self-produced album. At this point the space became pretty crowded so we headed upstairs where Beans on Toast was being projected onto a big screen. In the corner of the bar there is a slick old school arcade video game we spent some change on. Both of us appreciated the chance to say hi to Yasna, Chris and other Gig Buddy people. A good time all around.

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