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Waterhall West Sussex
On the Saturday the 15th of August I went to the Shakedown festival with a member of the Stay Up Late team called Jade. We got a shuttle bus from the old Steine in the morning and headed to the Water hall and we were very excited about it all as I have never been before Before getting on the shuttle bus we got searched and Jade thought they were going to take her sandwiches away from her but they didn’t in the end so we got on the shuttle bus and headed on our way and when we had got near the bus dropped us off at the top of the hill so we had to walk all the way back down towards the entrance which I thought was the entrance but was a path of barriers leading under the bridge. We went through under the bridge and found some Porto loos in an alley way but they were locked up with plastic ties but I had it covered and became a hero in a few seconds. After our toilet break we had a 25 minute walk up to the box office to fetch our tickets and then we were waiting in the queue for about 15 minutes until we could get in but of course we got searched for the final time before entering the field. There was a couple of places were you could buy food and drink and even merchandise, there was 2 dance tents and 1 live tent with some rapping and the music was quite loud so we had to shout to each other but all in all it was alright. There was a sweet store and a tent that was selling some flavoured oxygen shots we all so saw some fairground rides that were extreme and out of this world but it was great to have that bit of company throughout the whole event. When we decided to go home we walked back up the hill to the shuttle bus stop and got to the stop and after a while one came along we got on and we were a little confused as it didn’t stop at the old Seine but at Lewes road bus station so we waited for another bus to get on towards the centre of Brighton and Jade sent a man in the wrong direction who was looking for the pier but the whole day will be something I won’t forget.

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