Review: The Poetry Challenge

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UntitledUntitled copyEllen’s bit… On the Saturday we went to London to a poetry cafe. I recited 3 poems, my best poems were 'The Traveller' and 'How Does Time Change?'. We got a certificate to show we had done the poetry challenge 2015. I was raising money for Autism Sussex and Gig Buddies. My chosen poem is 'How Does Time Change’ What day are we on? What time is it? Where has 5 hours gone? One minute it is 7pm the next it is 11pm. The mornings are getting staying darker longer. The nights are getting darker earlier. I feel like I am in a bubble invisible to the world and the world invisible to me. How does time change? How does time really change? Cornelia’s bit… I thought Ellen and Richard were amazing. I loved Ellen's poem about travelling. Richard's poetry feels quite mysterious and riddled and just right for October. I did not realise until later that this was the first time that both, Ellen and Richard, recited their poems by heart for the first time - as they usually read them out. That made their contributions extra special. I did a German poem by Christian Morgenstern and I spoke it first in German - as I thought of all the people who are fleeing their country and having to struggle to communicate in other languages. I think it is important to hear people speak in their first language, the sounds, the energy - so much changes when you speak a 'foreign' tongue, however well. Ellen breathed a sigh of relief when we got home to Brighton station.  ' You are never quite at home until you have gone through the barrier...' I thought that was quite a poetic finish to the day. A poetry challenge in Brighton next!

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