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Preston Park
I was very lucky to get tickets to go to together the people at Preston Park with my new gig buddy called Matt. I met Matt at Preston Park before collecting my tickets from the box office and feeling really excited we waited to get into the park before getting our bags checked out. When we made it into the park we mad our way to the Stay Up Late tent and met everyone there, Holly suggested that i should have my face painted by her, what had i got myself into, but least it came out really well. Afterwards we went to explore the food tents to see what they had to offer and i ended up getting myself some curry which turned out to be really tasty. I met up with the other guys, Chris Love, The mad as can be Holly Bell, Kittie, Kate, Paul Richards, Andrew Walker and Berhana. Before we went to go and watch Suede the band and no not the shoes Berhana,me, matt and holly went on the dodgems, Holly and Berhana in one and me and Matt in the other, i put my safety harness on which ended up being for little kids. We set off and we were having loads of fun, Holly kept on banging into us while we were trying to get away but every time we were bumped the silly harness was making me choke and this story still makes me laugh even now. We went to go and see Suede, i had never seen them or herd them so it was a first for me. Through the later part of the evening everyone was going crazy with loads of funny dancing coming from Anderew Walker and the day was a great hit. Thanks Gig Buddies

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