Review: The Wave Pictures

Rating: Very Good




De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill

In March Sonia went out for the first time with her gig buddy Dennise. They went to see a band with some other gig buddies from the Hastings area. Chris has interviewed Sonia about her night out.

Chris: What was the gig you went to?

Sonia: It was at the De La Warr Pavilion, and it was the wave pictures.

Chris: Were they any good?

Sonia: They were good, brilliant, yeah!

Chris: What was the best part of the night?

Sonia: It was the type of music! They had different singers,there was someone who came on first who was touring with them, and then they came on and it was different type of music.

Chris: Describe the Wave Pictures Music!

Sonia: One of them had an electric guitar, and one had a normal one,so i think it was rock sort of music!

Chris: Had you seen them before?

Sonia: First time!

Chris: And would you go again?

Sonia: Yeah i would

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