Review: Together The People Festival

Rating: Very Good




Preston Park
Review – By Berhana       berhanna

What was the festival like when you arrived?

When I walked in it seemed very chilled, not too loud or lairy, when we got to the main stage everyone seemed there for the same thing – to have a good time. We met a guy who was a hilarious dancer called jack who made us laugh and Chris had his scary mask on so it was very funny.

What  music or other acts did you see?

Martha Reeves and the vandellas was electric! Her voice was so powerful, it carried across the whole park.I recognised lots of her songs.As soon as we heard her voice she lifted me ‘higher & higher!’  We even put our dinner down and ran down to dance when she started and stayed there for the whole set!

Jose Gonzalez was really cool.  At first I thought it was a bit chilled for my taste but then his voice was so sweet and with the drums it suited the atmosphere.

Then we saw the Hammer and Tongue poetry slam.  I lost the words a bit because it was fast – I thought it could have been a bit more interesting – but it was not like anything I’d seen before – hard to understand, but I like the subjects – he was trying to talk about racial issues, and being black and how to use the N word and I could relate to what he said.

How was it volunteering at the stay up Late tent?

I found it harder to get people to talk to me at the stall about gig buddies than at previous events, but I was chuffed wearing a stay up late t-shirt though! People kept complimenting it and then I would tell them about the charity.

They had loads of different food stalls – they were overpriced – daylight robbery! I tried the twisted chips and they were urgh! Tasted like plastic! I tried banana curry but it was sooooo spicy! I had a flapjack that was really nice.

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