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The first Rock House of this year was head Bangingly brilliant & Zombie Crash who have now been together for 8 yrs were head lining with the fantastic rocking Beat Express, Witching Waves, The Rock House Rap Band & the Carousel house band. I played the drums in Beat Express and i smashed through the set list on the cramped stage, My great mate called David Briggs who plays the drums with Zombie Crash tore up the stage while the front man jumped off the stage and into the crowd. It sounded quite Heavy Metalishious and everyone got their Heavy Metal fix Yeah, Our new member of Stay Up Late staff, called Harri , attended her first ever Rock House & tried to give me some dancing tips. Harri said " it was amazing seeing everyone rock out. The bands were incredible". To many people Heavy Metal epitomises the opposite of love but there was certainly a lot of love flying around.

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