Volunteering in East Sussex

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As well as supporting people to hook up with a Gig Buddy in the larger towns in East Sussex there’s also loads of volunteering opportunities in the county, supporting people with learning disabilities who live in rural isolation to enjoy an active social life.

In East Sussex we’re blessed with a huge variety of things to do, whether its watching great touring acts at the De La Warr Pavilion, or rural pubs with open mic nights, there’s also a huge range of other things going on across the county. However, if you have a learning disability it can be incredibly hard to get involved.

Being a Gig Buddies volunteer means you can share your passion for music and culture with an adult with a learning disability and hopefully spark a great new friendship that you’ll both benefit from.

Volunteers wanted

We’re currently looking for volunteers in East Sussex. We’d particularly like to hear from people who also have their own car so we can address the challenges people have living rurally as public transport doesn’t really lend itself to enjoying an active gig life!

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