Volunteering in Bognor and the surrounding area

Want to find out more about volunteering in Bognor with us? Read on…

Bognor Regis is a small town on the Sussex coast with a great community feel to it.

Here’s our Top 10 facts about Bognor:

Our Top 10 facts about Bognor

For those of you who don’t know too much about Bognor Regis here’s our top 10 facts about the town:

  1. It’s a small town on the Sussex coast. 24,064 people live there.
  2. Bognor is the oldest recorded Anglo-Saxon place name in Sussex. King George V’s advisers chose a residence near to Bognor as a place where the ailing king could breathe the sea air for his health. The town was then given the honour of being called ‘Regis’ because of this.
  3. It’s famous for it’s annual birdman event where people throw themselves off the pier in fancy dress, and try to fly.
  4. There’s a big Butlins and it used to have a zoo. Victoria tells me that there used to be a polar bear too which escaped one day.
  5. There’s two big annual festivals. Bognor Rox and Rockaway Beach.
  6. There’s a cinema, theatre, nightclub and a few pubs which put on live bands.
  7. The most famous resident was probably the renowned brothel keeper Cynthia Payne.
  8. King George V’s last words were not “bugger Bognor”. It’s believed he actually asked “How is the Empire?”
  9. On the beach towards Aldwich is part of the Mulberry Harbour used by the allies during the D-Day invasions. The harbour broke up in a storm shortly after D-Day and washed up on the beach.
  10. Bognor has a football club who play in the Isthmian League and their nickname is The Rocks.

Volunteers wanted

We’re currently looking for volunteers in and around Bognor. We’ve got participants raring to go and you don’t need to be a driver.

Our Quality Checker Victoria is passionate about her home town too – so she’s made this little video about the town:

To sign up as a volunteer click the button below and we’ll be in touch with more details. We’d love you to get involved