Volunteering in Brighton

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Brighton and Hove has a huge amount to offer. There’s loads of great live music venues catering to all tastes, from small open mic nights through to huge acts playing at The Dome and Brighton Centre. Then there’s also annual events like The Brighton Festival, Festival Fringe and Great Escape Festival and Pride as well as loads of other touring acts playing every week. There’s always something to do and the city really is spoilt for choice when it comes to doing things in the evening. Which makes it even more of an issue that there’s not more citizens with learning disabilities being fully involved in them. That’s what we’re seeking to change with your help.

Being a Gig Buddies volunteer means you can share your passion for music and culture with an adult with a learning disability and hopefully spark a great new friendship that you’ll both benefit from.

Volunteers wanted

We’re currently looking for volunteers in and around Brighton.

We’ll also give you training and support to make sure you have a great time volunteering with Gig Buddies.

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